Gradiant Energy Services (GES™) is an oilfield services company addressing industry’s toughest water challenges through custom-engineered solutions and game-changing technologies. We serve oil and gas operators seeking safe, reliable, economic, environmental and efficient treatment, reuse and recycling of flowback and produced water.

Significant advancements in oil production and techniques, such as hydraulic fracturing, come with an increased demand for water as well as the production of millions of gallons of wastewater. As each site produces varying levels of produced water and contaminants, GES addresses this challenge for E&P operators by providing custom, cost-effective water treatment solutions as a turn-key service for reuse.

GES works closely with E&P operators to provide the highest quality services through our technology-driven solutions and award-winning operational plants. GES has a proven record of safely treating bacteria, producing varying grades of clean brine for reuse. This saves millions of gallons of water – and millions of dollars – each year.

GES currently provides water treatment services for customers in the most active shale plays, such as the Permian and Marcellus. The company’s first 12,000 barrel per day (BPD) water treatment system in the Permian Basin was awarded the “Industrial Water Project of the Year” by the 2014 Global Water Summit.

GES is an affiliate of Gradiant, which was launched in 2012 out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

GES achieves this through our:

Unparalleled technology, which can treat water with higher levels of contamination using less energy and at lower costs than competing treatment methods.

Automation algorithms and processes that enable world-class standards for safety, reliability and efficiency

Operational excellence stemming from our vast in-house expertise in water chemistry and successful experience in water treatment

Customized solutions backed by the ingenuity of our engineers and scientists, who drive continued innovation in new water treatment techniques and technologies