April 18, 2017 12:22 pm

DENVER, April 18, 2017 – Gradiant Energy Services (“GES”), a provider of integrated water management solutions to the energy industry, announced today that its mobile wastewater evaporation technology, Carrier Gas Concentration (CGC™), has been deployed as a proven evaporative disposal method for oil and gas operators. CGC is GES’ fourth technology and associated service line created to address the oil and gas industry behind SCETM (Selective Chemical Extraction), CGETM (Carrier Gas Extraction) and FRDTM (Free Radical Disinfection).


For exploration and production (E&P) operators in remote, disposal-constrained areas, like Pennsylvania and Colorado, or for operators impacted by seismicity in areas like Oklahoma looking for an alternate disposal business model, CGC provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to dispose of wastewater by evaporating the produced water onsite and safely releasing the vapor into the atmosphere. Unlike other evaporation technologies, CGC’s innovative approach has low particulate matter (PM) emissions specification and eliminates the need to combust organics during the evaporation process.


The treatment system evaporates influent volumes in a standard unit size of 1,000 barrels per day (bpd) and can treat influent water with varying levels of total dissolved solids (TDS) ranging up to 220,000 ppm. The CGC technology is quickly deployable as a mobile system at or near a well pad and is easily re-deployable, requiring less than a week to move to a new location. Onsite evaporation eliminates the need to truck produced water long distances over difficult terrain and the high cost of disposal through saltwater disposal wells (SWD). CGC also provides operations with a solution to manage larger capacities of produced water by augmenting SWD capacity with evaporative disposal.


“Our CGC technology provides a solution that is financially and logistically feasible for E&P operators facing disposal challenges,” said Danny Jimenez, Chief Executive Officer of Gradiant Energy Services. “An operator with E&P operations in the Marcellus shale formation recently saved approximately $6/bbl on trucking and disposal costs using CGC to provide onsite flowback and produced water disposal through evaporation.”


GES’ Director of Technology Application and Sales Kushal Seth presented a case history at the 7th Annual Cost-Effective Produced Water Management Marcellus & Utica 2017 conference on March 29. The presentation provided an overview of the benefits of utilizing CGC as a produced water disposal option.


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