Quality Management & Reporting

Gradiant Energy Services (GES) differentiates itself from others in the market through its understanding of water chemistry, testing procedures and experience in oilfield water management. The combination of these factors allows GES to provide a superior quality assurance and quality control program that walks hand-in-hand with our reporting to our customers.

Quality Control

GES deploys all appropriate test equipment for its projects. The equipment is thoroughly inspected on a regular basis and GES field staff undergoes comprehensive training with all equipment. Furthermore, this testing program is supported by a fully trained and equipped R&D team in Boston, MA to ensure the quality control of the water treatment system. The world-class R&D team in Boston is highly skilled and knowledgeable with many of the team members being Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) undergraduates, graduate and PhDs.

Meticulous Quality Assurance

GES takes a three-pronged approach to quality assurance while running its water treatment equipment:

Inline Measurements Icon

Inline Measurements

Certain water qualities and properties, such as pH, flow rate, water temperature, total dissolved solids and turbidity, are accurately measured in real-time. The feedback from these measurements can use controls to make significant adjustments to chemical dosing, flow rates, system interruptions for maintenance and more.

Manual Measurements Icon

Manual Measurements

Because of the fouling nature of produced water and the extreme nature of its composition, certain important water properties cannot be accurately measured inline. These must be measured manually with various techniques and equipment. Some examples are total suspended solids, oil, grease and iron.

Human Intervention Icon

Human Intervention

Produced water treatment usually requires human intervention, and GES has a skilled and experienced team of operators. While the inline measurements and automated control systems make the large treatment adjustments, our experienced operators know the artistry of water treatment in the oilfield and understand how to make the small adjustments needed to reach the intersection of superior water quality at the minimal effective dosage rate.