Gradiant Energy Services (GES) is committed to creating a safe environment for our employees as well as the companies and communities in which we work. This is a critical part of our culture of operational excellence. Prospective customers and stakeholders are given access to all of GES’ detailed safety and environmental process documents and programs. Some of the ways in which our actions reflect these commitments include:

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Stop-Work Authority

All GES employees have “Stop Work” authority to immediately cease operation or a job when there is a safety concern.

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Our employees undergo extensive health, safety and environment (HSE) training. Our HSE training requirements go above and beyond what is the industry norm and what is required by regulation.

HSE Mission

Gradiant Energy Services’ (GES) long term business success and shareholder value is directly tied to the ability of the company to operate safely on a continuous basis with no exceptions. The company shall prioritize and place emphasis on preserving and improving the health of its employees, continuously improving operational safety, designing safe products, meeting/exceeding expectations on stakeholder safety, and protecting the environment. We firmly believe that this is fundamental to our goal of delivering a best in class quality product and service.

GES HSE Mission:

  • To protect our employees, the company’s assets and the environment in which we operate by completely eliminating HSE accidents and quality non-conformances
  • To promote a positive work environment and company culture whereby ALL employees embrace HSE concepts as their personal responsibility
  • To meet or exceed all stakeholder requirements, including customer, legal and community HSE requirements
  • To operate in a manner in which HSE is equally important and consistently administered to all our business activities irrespective of the region or business climate we operate in

GES expects active commitment, responsibility, and accountability from every employee to the principles laid out in this manual. Every manager and head of department has a critical role to play in ensuring compliance to the policies and procedures as stated in the manual.

Danny Jimenez
CEO, Gradiant Energy Services

GES HSE Policy

Industry Resources

GES utilizes the following industry resources for guidance in developing and continually strengthening our HSE program.

  • ISNetworld
  • PEC Safety
  • OSHA