Water To Drive Energy

Gradiant Energy Services (GES) provides custom-engineered water treatment solutions for the varying water treatment needs of oilfield operators. GES technologies allow for the cost effective treatment of any influent water quality and produce any desired level of effluent water quality. Its robust portfolio of treatment solutions includes bacteria disinfection and clean brine to evaporation and desalination.

Our turn-key services:

  1. Treat water to any required specification such that it can be reused in completion operations
  2. Protect the reservoir and water assets by controlling bacteria growth
  3. Return water to the hydrological cycle by desalting the wastewater stream
  4. Concentrate brine to significantly reduce disposal volume in addition to offering heavy density brines

GES’ innovative water treatment solutions are unmatched in their ability to safely and reliably reduce cost while minimizing customers’ environmental footprint. Backed with innovative, proprietary technologies, every system from GES focuses on:

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Custom solutions allow trained operators to address fluctuations in incoming water quality that will result in a consistent, desired water quality solution.

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Safety and Quality

Highly skilled personnel and proven processes ensure the highest quality control and complete focus on safety.

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Account Management

Attentive operator support and communication allow for smooth management and swift solutions to logistical challenges inherent to oilfield water treatment needs.