Bacteria Treatment for On-the-Fly,
Storage Pit and pre-SWD Treatment

Gradiant Energy Services’ (GES) Free Radical Disinfection (FRD™) technology provides high-volume disinfection treatment to control bacteria and treat water for storage pit maintenance, on-the-fly disinfection prior to hydraulic fracturing operations and pre-salt water disposal (SWD) injection. The same technology and process may also be used to reduce the level of hydrogen sulfide in water.

The challenge this addresses

The presence of bacteria in a well can cause reservoir souring, loss of quality control and bore damage, resulting in delayed production times, increased maintenance and higher operating costs. Unlike competing technologies, FRD™ combines our unique chemistry application with salt to remove bacteria, eliminating the use, cost and transportation of hazardous biocides, such as chlorine dioxide.

How our solution works

GES’ FRD™ technology is a safe, environmentally friendly bacteria treatment solution that focuses on the most difficult part of bacteria treatment: quality control. FRD™ uses electrolysis to generate a mixed oxidant solution including multiple free radicals, which is injected into the water stream. The ions bind to and remove the bacteria, resulting in bacteria-free water that maintains the integrity of the reservoirs for extended periods of time.

Free Radical Disinfection (FRD™) – On the Fly Pre-Frac and Storage Disinfection

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