Evaporative Disposal to Safely, Efficiently and Economically Reduce Flowback and Produced Water Volume

CGC™ Services

Gradiant Energy Services’ (GES) evaporation technology, developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is ideal for E&P operators in remote areas that have disposal constraints, high trucking and disposal costs, or the need to enhance evaporation rates in ponds and pits.


The challenge this addresses

For E&P operators that face disposal restrictions or are in remote areas, such as in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Oklahoma, evaporation provides a safer, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to dispose of wastewater by evaporating the water and releasing the vapor into the atmosphere with a deployable, mobile system.

One of the key requirements for evaporation technologies is regulatory permitting which requires compliance with limitations on particulate matter (PM) emission levels. Our technology not only requires less energy, it separates the wastewater heating process from the physical evaporation process (unlike competing technologies, such as submerged combustion or flash evaporation, where it is combined). Our process will reliably meet stringent PM emissions requirements

How our solution works

Our process involves evaporating water and concentrating dissolved solids in the wastewater stream via a multi-stage bubble column humidifier. GES has designed its fully automated and mobile system to run efficiently and effectively with limited supervision. This process results in clean vapor released into the atmosphere and a concentrated brine that can be used for drilling, work-overs and completions or simply to reduce disposal volumes.

Carrier Gas Concentration (CGC™)

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