Cost-Effective, Membrane-Free Desalination and Brine Collection Service for Operators Looking for the Highest-Quality Fresh Water and Saturated Brine

Transform the most difficult water makeup into the highest quality fresh water with Gradiant Energy Services’ (GES) desalination technology. Developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), our process desalinates oilfield wastewaters to produce extremely fresh water (less than 500 ppm & even lower in many cases) and a highly concentrated brine solution that can be utilized for drilling, work-overs and completions.

The challenge this addresses

For E&P operators that have limited access to fresh water and saturated brine or face disposal well constraints and regulation, desalination is the ideal solution. Desalination reduces the high transportation costs of produced water by treating the wastewater on site, producing fresh water and saturated brine, reducing any negative environmental footprint.

This technology is used to repurpose a large portion of oilfield wastewaters as clean, fresh water for beneficial reuse. It can also be used (in the same application) to generate a concentrated, 10-pound brine that can be used for drilling, work-over and completions applications.

How our solution works

Our technology is a membrane-free desalination process that uses air as a carrier gas to extract water vapor from produced water, leaving behind contaminants. This is the same principal as clouds forming over an ocean. The purified water is recovered in a subsequent dehumidification process that utilizes GES’ unique bubble-column heat exchanger, which is similar to clouds releasing rain over land. Our desalination process uses less than half the energy of competing Multi-stage Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) technology commonly used for fresh water recovery from produced water.