Re-Usable Clean Brine Services for Operators that Need Treated Produced Water Sufficient for Re-Use

Gradiant Energy Services’ (GES) Selective Chemical Extraction (SCE™) is a custom-engineered, mobile water treatment process to provide re-usable clean brine as hydraulic fracturing fluid.

The challenge this addresses

In regions that face disposal constraints or water scarcity, SCE™ makes wastewater go to work for oil and gas operators. By cleaning water only to the needed level – and not beyond – our SCE™ solution enables the re-use of treated produced water for operations, saving customers both time and money.

Additionally, E&P Operators make significant investments in their water assets. We help maintain asset integrity by strictly controlling the quality of water.

How our solution works

SCE™ is a custom-engineered, multi-step water treatment process that can treat all types of wastewater – no matter the quality – into reusable clean brine that meets each customers exact specifications.

Selective Chemical Extraction (SCE™)

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