Re-Usable Clean Brine Services for Operators that Need Treated Produced Water Sufficient for Re-Use

Gradiant Energy Services’ (GES) recycling system is a custom-engineered, mobile water treatment process to provide re-usable clean brine as hydraulic fracturing fluid.

The challenge this addresses

In regions that face disposal constraints or water scarcity, recycling makes wastewater go to work for oil and gas operators. By cleaning water only to the needed level – and not beyond – our solution enables the re-use of treated produced water for operations, saving customers both time and money.

Additionally, E&P Operators make significant investments in their water assets. We help maintain asset integrity by strictly controlling the quality of water.

How our solution works

Our recycle system is a custom-engineered, multi-step water treatment process that can treat all types of wastewater – no matter the quality – into reusable clean brine that meets each customers exact specifications.

Recycle Process

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